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Saturday, 26 November 2011

A bit of bling

This week on the Less is More site the challenge is right up my street -a bit of bling!
It also tied in with a friend asking me to make an easel card for her mum-in law that can be a combined Christmas and birthday card and this is what I came up with.- and  I know the star is slightly off centre in the photo but honestly it wasn't noticable in RL, must be the new way I'm trying for my posting of photographs shows up everything!!! hee he
My bling you can see, but the paper also has a bit of sparkle too.
Hope you like it!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Pale yellow/grey and bare branches

 This week on the Craft barn Calendar Challenge it's week 11 can you believe that  tomorrow will be the last week of the challenge and I have really enjoyed it. Hope you do it again next year!they asked for pale yellow/grey and bare branches  and that meant for me  a look round  all the crafty shops  - such a hardship :-) but did manage to find a bare branches stamp and that's why this week it's been a bit of a rush and know the photo's not really great, but under advice will be trying out picasa next time.
But must say love doing little scenes like this find them very relaxing after a hard days work
Have a great weekend everyone x

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Autumn leaves and shades

This week at the Craft barn calendar challenge it is autumn leaves and colours. Didn't think that I would make it this week don't really have autumn leaves and have been trying different ideas but kept going back to the nursery favourite at this time of the year.... leaf printing and so that's what I did, into the garden and picked up 3 leaves pressed them into the ink pads and then printed them onto the page.Because at this time of year I love when the frost comes and sticks to the leaves I added some snow/frosty glitter to add a bit of texture and sparkle!and there you have it my entry for this weeks calendar page. 

Saturday, 12 November 2011


This weeks challenge is leaves and though i do have leaves,they're not suitable for a one layer challenge.Came up with an idea and was all set to go with a bauble with holly leaves when browsing the site came across one already done!(and beautifully done may i add) So have had a glass of wine -always helps with the thought processes don't you think - and came up with the same idea as before but using a tag rather than the bauble !
 Cut out the shape and then using mellow moss ink from the roller ink blended round the edge of the mask to get the shape ,rolled the holly leaves .Punched a hole and threaded the ribbon through and used red stickles for the holly berries.Very simple but actually quite happy with it.
      Now off to see what everyone else has came up with .x                                                                 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Old paper and red lines

 This weeks challenge at the Craft Barn should have been an easy one for me ,I work in a school (albeit in the nursery) right ? wrong, think I was over thinking it.So thanks to another blogger who kindly shared her knowledge and reminded me it's about having fun ,this is what i came up with .pretty self explanatory I think ,stained the paper with tea ( thanks Anne) and then had fun doodling.!
Sorry about the picture, rushing to do this, as just about to go out the door but wanted it done before I went back to work,and thanks to all that have left comments enjoy reading them all  especially those that give me tips x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dark/deep colour and circles


                                                                                                  This weeks challenge at the Craft Barn is to use dark / deep colours and circles/ dots.How can this be difficult I thought, but to me August is bright and colourful as it's still summer, so I have taken the liberty of using the deepest shade of pink that I have  - hope that's o.k? and rolled the flowery pattern that is covered in little dots and circles all through it (The close up hopeful shows this better) and then spent two days trying to jazz it up!Added more circles than these but it was too busy so just added the ones that showed the different shades that the ink made and of course buttons are circles .....P.s sorry it's not your eyes the close up is fuzzy (should have worn my glasses !) but  you can see the dots better :-) x