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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

calendar challege 2

This week at the Craft Barn calendar challenge it's red and embossing and once again I have went for a very traditional  style. Then  embossed everything but the butterfly .I also wanted the panel to curve out the way in a 3D effect and does this in real life but not so clear in the photo,in fact the shadows make it look like it's been cut squint! (One of these days I'll master the art of taking photos, think I might put a daylight lamp on my list to Santa!)                                 The sentiment reads "Love doesn't make the world go round.Love is what makes the ride worthwhile"

Monday, 26 September 2011

Calendar challenge

 Hi there well decided to join in the Craft Barn Calendar challenge eventually saw it the very first week but didn't have any crackle?? but have been persuaded to try and I am even going to have a go at the previous two months - when i work out what crackle is!! seems to be a fun challenge and this is my offering for this weeks- green with flowers
Must admit find chalking backgrounds very relaxing and love making up little scenes.Think it's a bit on the boring side but it is meant to make you think of a cool dawn morning,and after the carry on that I had getting the photo!! .... one question if i do do the previous months-Jan ,Feb do I put them in the correct weeks1 or 2 or do I add them to whatever month that we are on e.g March/april ?

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Well that was some challenge last week and some amount of entries!!
This weeks Less is more challenge found me covered in chalk and black ink as well as the desk ,chair ...I think you get the idea.
Sorry as well about the quality of the photo have been told that my pictures tend to be a bit fuzzy but think it's my shaky hand not the camera's fault.

But back to this weeks entry, used chalk for the background stamped the images in black memento and the sentiment -which went on straight first time I'm glad to say,not like the butterfly which is I know slightly out of kinter even using my homemade stamp a jig!
And thanks again to everyone that stopped by and left a comment they are all very much appreciated x x

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Anything Goes! no.3

Picked this stamp up for a pound and love it,confess that this one is the practice one but apart from a few minor tweaks (3 berries and lose the ribbon to make it hang) really like this one. 

Anything Goes! no2

Had a play with some of my new goodies for Chrismas and here they are!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Anything Goes!

 Anything Goes!

After the carry on I had last week to meet the challenge I just had to prove that I could do a double image and so this weeks offering is just that !
Good luck on reaching the 1000 - might post another cos the postman has just delivered some new stamps he he x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Seeing double no.2

I have never entered two cards in to the challenge but this time I just had to -although technically I'm not entering two just double of the same card ,if that makes sense!.
I have lived and breathed this challenge this week and finally hallejulah think I've done it lol,got up this morning a thought to pot with the housework I'm going to try again and first go this was the outcome and was so busy admiring that it was finally like what i saw in my head that never noticed my inky fingers .... so if you see a smudge it's on your computer screen not my card ha ha,and Ann if your looking tried to get a clearer picture for you but think it might be our camera,but thanks for the comments and Chrissie and Mandi you were both right it was a learning experience and it really did make me think !See you all next week x

Monday, 12 September 2011

Seeing double

Well this week Chrissie and Mandi set us a challenge that I thought easy peasy! How wrong could I be!!
First off can I say that neither of these cards are really good enough for the challenge but just had to post them as how come the card on the right took 4 and I mean 4 full size cards to make that 1 incy wincy thing beside it??The one on the left took 3! (and it's still not right made a lot of mistakes and kinda  hid some but just had to share, because I'm still a bit bemused about where and how it all went SO wrong! lol)...ah well there's always next week x x
P.s Please don't worry about commenting unless you want to sympathise as Chrissie has or cheer me up hee he x

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Well must admit this one had me scratching my head most of the morning! But then I spied a bangle that I use for the handles of my bags,so looked for red mettalic ribbon but none of course so used ordinary wrapped it round the bangle -(holly wreath I thought but nothing seemed to work until I remembered the glitter paper so hard to cut that hardly used but the trusty cuttlebug did the job!)
Then it started to look more like a Christmas bauble.(or a medal as my hubby said??)
Then came choosing the card and honestly the card isn't
grey it's silver!!Not too happy with that but that's all I had Computer generated the sentiment and stuck it all on and must admit with all the bits done it took minutes to do.Think I might even do some for Chrisrmas -those that I don't post! though would use something different than silver for the card.
Well that's me but before I go just like to a thank you to all for the comments and a special thank you to Viv for sharing -what a generous bunch you are!
See you next week x