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Monday, 26 September 2011

Calendar challenge

 Hi there well decided to join in the Craft Barn Calendar challenge eventually saw it the very first week but didn't have any crackle?? but have been persuaded to try and I am even going to have a go at the previous two months - when i work out what crackle is!! seems to be a fun challenge and this is my offering for this weeks- green with flowers
Must admit find chalking backgrounds very relaxing and love making up little scenes.Think it's a bit on the boring side but it is meant to make you think of a cool dawn morning,and after the carry on that I had getting the photo!! .... one question if i do do the previous months-Jan ,Feb do I put them in the correct weeks1 or 2 or do I add them to whatever month that we are on e.g March/april ?


  1. I like your chalk background,, it's nice and subtle and it helps the flowers to stand out.

  2. Wonderful background, very relaxing...

    I think you have to add the months in the correct post (the deadline is very far for every post, so you can add until the end of calendar challenge)

  3. Hi Jenni,
    Thanks for playing with us. I'm glad you joined.
    You can still enter for the previous weeks. You can find the links to the previous challenge weeks at the top of our blog.
    For the crackle, even a printed image you use as background would work... or something hand drawn even if you want.
    Looking forward to seeing your entries in the weeks to come.

  4. love your chalk background...very soft and relaxing, perfect for this week's theme


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