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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bags of problems!!

Hi there hoping for some help! But before I do anything else,I would like to thank you for all the lovely comments that you wrote me. I really appreciated them and have encouraged me to try my hand at these hand/giftbags. These are the rough drafts of the bags  (that's one of the reasons that they look so grubby)Got my idea from the hand bag cards that I made,but have ran into a little problem as you will see as you scroll down and the the second reason that they're so grubby!!    
 ( Plus what do you think one handle .......                                                          

....or two? )                                                                   The problem is when finished either the back pops off or the front wont stay down! Grrrr I have tried red tape at the back -nope as you can see and velcro dots at the front.Please can anybody give me any suggestions where I'm going wrong? It is so frustrating !!!!!
If it wasn't for this problem they look really cute (well i think so hee he )

 I am so chuffed this the first time I managed to post this  all by myself no help from hubby or boys YES!! and thanks to all those that said, they too needed help good to know that I'm not alone! x


  1. Finished bag looks fab, love the neutral colours. Think two handles best. Red tape should definitely work (try two strips), maybe 'scoring' the folds on the flap would help it stay in place.

    Blogging lesson - you can 'preview' your blog before you post it, that way you can see any large blank spaces (this happens when you add in photos, blogger's a bit of a nightmare when it comes to positioning photos).

    Hope it helps, if not, give me a call! xx

  2. I always use strong glue, rather than tape... for everything. my glue of choice is bostick all purpose, the one in the purple tube. sticks paper, ribbon, buttons, metal, pretty much anything. and once it's stuck it's stuck, whereas tape always runs the risk of drying out and just not working anymore.

    and I prefer two handles

  3. I prefer two handles , think your bag is super think glue is most probably the way to go as Joanne suggests.


  4. I agree with glue and scoring your flap. Both great bags, can't decide which one I prefer.
    When I started my blog I was hopeless, needed loads of help from my crafting sisters, couldn't even do a link for months so I think you are doing brilliantly.

  5. These bags are lovely and, as you're asking, I prefer 2 handels. I agree with the 'glue and scoring' for the flap, and once dry, it shouldn't come undone at the back.

  6. Super cute idea. I'm another fan of the 2 handles.

    To be honest, when I've done this kind of thing, the best thing that stays in place is old fashioned office staples. If you staple through from the inside, you can cover the prongs with an extra layer of embellishment.

    Then the front should tuck into place easier. As the others said, score the fold first.

    I think your blog is great!
    Rosey x


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