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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Calendar challenge 1

This was one was a real struggle for me as when I saw week 1 at the Craft Barn calendar challenge I hadn't a clue what crackle was (still don't if I'm honest!)but after getting suggestions from Isa had a look around and what I came up with was crackle nail polish!and it worked believe it or not but only on shiny paper, you might have to zoom in to see it ,ended up putting it round the edges of the mirror card tried everywhere but couldn't be seen clearly enough.So not really happy with it but hey ho it's done now and if you really stretch your imagination we could pretend its frost around the card lol
So this is my take on Blue and crackle. x


  1. Great minds Jenni, Emz has loads of crackle nail varnish & i've been meaning to try it out. Love the big '2012', another great page. xx

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love your calendar pages. I would never have thought of nail varnish, well done!

    Liz x
    PS, you are at 13 followers, let's make it 14!

  3. it might have been a struggle but one that was well worth it! the end result is gorgeous!

  4. Jenny,now you know a new thing about what crackle' is, and you can get lots of satisfaction from it! Your page is simple and meaningful at the same time.

  5. Very nice page, and glad you learnt something along the way. Thanks for entering our challenge


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