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Monday, 13 February 2012


This is the first time that I have  tried the Flutterby Wednesday  Challenge but as I seem to be using butterflies a lot just now on my cards thought that I would give it a go!
Quick edit....
Wasn't happy with the card in the light of day so decided to go for a heart and flowers theme,
also added a bit more black to the flowers 
so that they stood out a bit more which they do in RL.

L= 2 or more Layers
O= have an Odd number of embellishments
V=have the color Violet on your creation
E= you can use any color Except red and  - of course a butterfly!

Hopefully I meet all of this! Thanks for looking x


  1. Pretty card Jenni. Good luck with the challenge! xx

  2. Love the card and design. Looks like you hit all the requirements to me. x

  3. So clean and fresh - beautiful. Love butterflies! Good luck. Juliax

  4. Cute card, love the butterfly. Please stop by MY BLOG I have left something there for you and I do hope that you will accept it!


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