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Monday, 6 July 2015

Muse Christmas Vision

Before I start I must apologise for my lack of commenting or even posts over the last couple of weeks !
Work has been really hectic as it usual is at the end of term none moreso than at summer as I'm sure you all know ,but in the midst of trips,garden party,sports and general work itself, I picked up one of those summer viruses .Which then  brought on a skin abcess that I have tendency towards whenever I get a bit run down so that left me feeling a bit wabbit as they say here,so it did take me a wee while to get over those even with the aid of antibiotics ...But I'm back now, fighting fit and finally ON HOLIDAY yay!:)

But back to my card must admit really simple ..again! Think my mojo having a bit of a break too :)
So went back to the old and tried ideas and taking inspiration from Kimberly's beautiful and eye catching baubles done  in navy with white snowflakes,made my central panel with that in mind.
To bring the red into it,I  stamped my sentiment  and added it under the panel to mimic the red under the navy of Kimberlys card .Wishing now though that I had embossed the navy panel with dots or something, aw well too late now.

Thanks for taking a look will now pop over and see what you have all come up with !


  1. I love how crisp the white snowflakes look on the blue background - very clever take on Kimberly's Muse! So glad you joined us this week, Jenni!

  2. I like the white snowflakes on the blue background and the use of the blue, white and red color theme.

  3. Wonderful use of the rule of 3---so clean and simple.

  4. Your Mojo is not having a break! This is a wonderful take on Kimberly's card. Love the red pop of the sentiment !
    Thanks for joining in at MCV!

  5. This is VERY clever, EXTREMELY lovely! and striking! The snowflakes are amazing!!!! Thanks for joining in the festivities at MUSE Christmas Visions and getting your cards done ahead (pat on your back!!)


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