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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Happy Birthday Darnell


....hope its your best one yet!

I am posting this card here for Darnells birthday and holding my hand up that I did the unforgivable and forgot Darnells birthday!!!!!!! (she NEVER ) forgets mine, and on cue one beautiful card arrived today how bad a blogging friend am ???
I hang my head in shame and beg Darnell when she comes over to the UK in July  if she can possible ask hammy if he has any relatives in Scotland that would be willing to help me out with me with old lady memory issues ,inspiration and general PA duties???
Room and board will be provided (sunflower seeds and veg of his/her choice of curse if provided to the highest standard).


  1. WHAT??!! I've missed Darnell's AND YOURS, too?? We must have a chat, I'll call you from your room!! Fab card, Jenni - D will love it, late or not! Sorry I've been MIA! xx

  2. This is just as beautiful as Darnell is...so pretty and sweet.

  3. Lol! Well, Jenni, first your card for me is seriously stunning!! I'm pinning and will be DJKASEing you again soon with this beauty! So crisp and delicious! But your post had me giggling with delight! Of course you're forgiven!! Thank you so much for this dedicated post and wonderful words! I'm glad your card arrived on time and I hope your birthday was grand!! Lots of love and hugs, Darnell (P.S. Hammy is making some phone calls and will get back to you on the hamster labor situation in Scotland! He does have some Scottish blood back a few generations, but the family ties were strained when cousin Hibiscus broke cousin Herbit's fiddle because he was using it to woo Hibiscussess's sister even though she was already engaged and her finance was responsible for the grape harvest. That's a lot of bad blood, but Hammy can be pretty persuasive so I have faith in him!)

  4. Oh My goodness I missed these birthdays too, I give up, I'll never get my brain back LOL
    Hope yours was fun and it appears Darnell has fogiven you, good :D Fab card Jenni, I love tulips and yours is perfect :D x


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