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Monday, 13 October 2014

Festive friday

Isn't the inspiration picture this week from Festive Friday so beautiful? My card started off being largely white with the Noel in red to mimic the chairs but it just seemed  to be lacking something.So  thought I would layer it up mmm no matching red paper / ink ( and anyway wasn't doing the letters again ! All the rest went on in one go -  the letter L took at least 20 goes I kid you not!) then I noticed the red wine and I did havea darker red ....
 finally a sprig of holly to bring a touch of greenery to the card  and the card was done,if it wasn't such a faff with that one leter would mass produce these!
Supplies were all stampin up except for the holly .
We are off for a couple of days to Pilochry,not sure how I'll get on walking as my leg is fine round the house but outside it struggles after a wee while so might have to have a lazy holiday with plenty of stops in teashops....  :)
And before I go just wanted to share this photo of my  son and his first car which he got a couple of  weeks ago ....

In Scotland you have to sit a theory test before you can sit your actual driving test unfortunately he kept failing by one mark, so he was well chuffed to pass the driving test first time  I am really proud to say he is a canny driver and I know that first hand!

He is delighted because this also means that he can now apply to join the police .Fingers crossed we hear soon if he has got to the first interview stage.

For me this seems to be a very long post so if you have stuck with me...thanks!:)


  1. Just as well that car isn't a soft top .... would ruin the hairdo! Lol. Love those swirly letters, did you cut first then stamp or vice versa, cause the latter wouldn't be such a faff. Have a great trip to Pitlochry. Xx

  2. Such a lovely card! Beautiful alpha you used on here! Congratulations to your son! So glad you joined us at Festive Friday! :)

  3. I love the square layout and the traditional feel of this! So glad you joined us at Festive Friday! I remember stamping one little image once at least 20 times - when I finally got it right, I was so used to it not working that I almost didn't notice!

  4. Oh, it's LOVELY!!! So perfect for our Festive Friday inspiration! Thanks so much for joining us!


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