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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Muse 157

This week's Muse is Anita and she did this gorgeous card that looks like it would be so simple to CASE...except for me it wasn't ! was really struggling until I had a light bulb moment due to Ardyth's card I had done the same middle part at least 15 times when i saw Ardyth's card in the gallery and tried it as a SQUARE card and it worked so much better for me... well in my eyes :)
The one thing that popped out at me on Anita's card was the word fabulous which I paired with a SU sentiment, so I started with that and then used a mama elephant flower set .
So my inspiration this week came from the :-
 Thanks for taking the time to look,hope to see you in the gallery! 


  1. This is gorgeous! I love how you've made 'Fabulous' the focal point. Gorgeous xxx

  2. OOh, I really like this - very clever and out of the box!

  3. Love your choice of images for the design Jenni! A great sentiment too! Have a lovely day! Hazel xx
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  4. You hit the mark, with this beauty, Jenni! LOve that sentiment stamp!

  5. Sorry I made you struggle, Jenni! :D Love your final result though, I have that sentiment stamp, that fabulous is fabulous isn't it. Great interpretation, thank you xx

  6. Your Muse card is stunning. I feel like you turned Anita's card inside out--in the best way possible. This is so much more creative than my approach, and is truly creative and brilliant.

    1. Thanks Joyce you've just made my day !x

    2. Thanks Joyce you've just made my day !x

  7. Simply fabulous card! I love your take on the Muse inspiration card, just amazing.

  8. Wow I just love this. Love that sentiment. Just fab x


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