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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Muse Christmas Visions no.2

This is my take on Elizabeth's second card over at MCV and I admit that it kinda went off on a tangent....
You see discovered I  don't have a  branches stamp so then I had to think of something else so thought branches  = trees! with me so far?
Then I found my little cottage one and I just love it  and so from that this card was born !
So my inspiration came from :-

Branches (well trees have branches dont they??) and Elizabeth's are pine branches!
Inky backgound
Colours blue ,black and yellow
Image to the left of the card  ...Ok I'm reaching with that one :)
Has intended to put on  a white sentiment but had a senior moment and had inked and stamped it before I remembered !!! 

But thanks for looking 


  1. Another beautiful card! I know what you mean about tangents — happens to me all the time! — but I can still see that you were inspired by Elizabeth's card. ;)

  2. A beautiful little cottage in the woods, Jenni... and even more beautiful card!

  3. This is just so pretty.
    I want to take a pile of books and go and stay in that cottage for a week ;-)

  4. Very peaceful! Thanks you so much for playing along at MCV - I enjoy your cards in the gallery!

  5. Beautiful scene! Thanks for joining us at MCV, Jenni!

  6. I love it! I have that little stamp and have never used it...what you did with it is fabulous! Thanks for joining Christmasvisions this week.


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