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Monday, 12 September 2011

Seeing double

Well this week Chrissie and Mandi set us a challenge that I thought easy peasy! How wrong could I be!!
First off can I say that neither of these cards are really good enough for the challenge but just had to post them as how come the card on the right took 4 and I mean 4 full size cards to make that 1 incy wincy thing beside it??The one on the left took 3! (and it's still not right made a lot of mistakes and kinda  hid some but just had to share, because I'm still a bit bemused about where and how it all went SO wrong! lol)...ah well there's always next week x x
P.s Please don't worry about commenting unless you want to sympathise as Chrissie has or cheer me up hee he x


  1. Two is tricky isn't it Jenni... so much more difficult that three or one!
    Put your trials down to experience and just think it will save you time for the next occasion!
    I love the flapper ladies!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  2. I think both cards are original and unique! Those girls are so cool and the other card is sweet. ;)

    I messed up a lot too...I can sympathize.

  3. Actually I really like the two girls and wish the photo was better quality lol! One layer cards always seem to mean a lot of rejects I find, I've learnt to try to keep the images in the middle and now I paper over them with layers for other cards

  4. You've done great, one layer cards can be a bit of a nightmare. Love the flapper girls, great masking!! xx

  5. Lovely cards, the ladies card just has the edge for me
    Beryl x

  6. WE do like to get your brains ticking over!
    the ladies look FAB

    Thank you
    "Less is More"

  7. I like the flapper girls too, lovely best friends card. x

  8. I like the flapper girls too. I think a few of us made a card mountain this week in our endeavours. Carol x

  9. Hi Jenni..
    Don't be too hard on yourself and remember in card making there are no mistakes only embellishing opportunities ..the important thing is to have fun ..I think your final results are quite pleasing .I loved the " ladies "too.
    Can't wait to see your next project .

  10. Two heads are batter than one! love the ladies.


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